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 Live stream and online dance classes are the perfect solution to sheltering in place activity challenges that are structured, fun, and 100% risk-free. Now your dancer can do what they love from the comfort (and safety) of your home! 

We have built an online studio designed to provide dancers with the same high quality dance instruction you’ve come to expect from Momentum, to give you the flexibility to do what you love from where ever, when ever! 


  • Interactive Zoom Classes and Private Lessons allow your dancer to meet and interact with our faculty in real time. Dancers can receive feedback and coaching as well as as questions to better personalize their training. 

  • Live Stream are hosted through our Private Facebook Group and are recorded for additional playback. Dancers can chat with instructors and watch in real time.

  • Our Pre-recorded Class Library is available to dancers to access at any time and includes extras such as strength and stretch, pre pointe and boys conditioning. ​

Take A Free Online Trial Dance Class

We offer new students a risk free trial class in any level and styles. Click the link below to register and find the perfect class! 


“I joined my son for a pre-recorded dance class this morning. When class was over, a live stream that Mr. Mario was doing popped up and my son, who was supposed to be leading our stretch, sat transfixed watching his teacher and the advanced dancers work. Thanks for helping us feel connected to our dance community, and for a peek into the life of the advanced dancers!" - Gretchen Hanshew, Parent

“I like to dance with people and teachers at Momentum, but I think it's really cool that they're still keeping up dance education through Zoom and Facebook. They're letting kids take dance classes they couldn't before all of this (like my little brother is now doing hip hop and ballet). And my family gets to see what I'm doing in dance, since I do my classes at our house. We also get to face new challenges while dancing at home. I'm in Ballet 2a, and I've been doing Ballet 2/3, so I have been trying new things, and succeeding at them. Taking online dance classes is one of the fun things we can still do, even though we have to stay home! " - Avelyn McAlpine, Dancer 

“Momentum's online classes have been invaluable while we stay at home. My daughter still gets to dance five days a week, connect with her teachers and classmates, and maintain some sense of normalcy through all of this - not to mention keeping in shape, maintaining flexibility and technique, and just having fun! And it's not just her. When this started, I had just taken my fourth or fifth adult tap class and was loving it. Now, my daughter and I actually get to take tap class together on line and it has been a great bonding experience. She's quite a bit more advanced than I am, but like a lot of things lately, we just figure "we're all in this together." On a selfish note, now every class is like Parent Watch Week! I love seeing her do barre in the kitchen, jazz in the garage - and of course, tapping in the dining room. Thank you Momentum teachers for being so quick to adapt and so committed to caring for the student community! " - Katherine Steen, Parent & Dancer

I am liking the online classes very much. Even though it’s not the same as doing the work at the studio with my teachers and my classmates, it is still letting me to connect to the people that have the same love of dance that I do.  The classes are definitely keeping me sane as we are cooped up in the house! - Wyatt, Dancer

Give Your Child The Gift of Dance!

Foster a love of dance in an upbeat, positive environment. We believe that dance is not just about costumes and perfomances. Dance classes provide significant physical and mental health benefits. As a student, your child will grow their confidence and abilities while making friends for life. Dancing is an excellent means of calm when life is disrupted, is very therapeutic and fun!

Get started with a free trial lesson today!

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